Your Work is Inspiring

Share it with the world!

Curiosity Machine works with industry experts to bring science and engineering education to children and families. Want to bring your expertise to families? Below are four ways you can get involved. If you want to learn more, contact us at [email protected].

Be a Judge

See what problems families from all over the world want to use AI to solve.

As a judge, you will view families' submissions to the AI Family Challenge and score them based on an objective judging rubric. Submissions will reflect the culmination of months of work and learning from families across the world as they learn about AI tools and technologies and incorporate what they learn into a project to solve a community problem. Judges will be asked to complete a 30 minute online training in January of 2020 and review AIFC submissions in February. You do not need to be an AI expert or have a technical background!

Time commitment: ~ 3 hours

You'll enjoy this opportunity if… you enjoy providing positive feedback and encouragement to families, enjoy analytic thinking, and can be objective.

AI Makers

Inspire families to create exciting projects that use AI to solve community problems!

As an AI Maker you will create a sample project to inspire families to complete the AI Family Challenge. Use your expertise and creativity to ideate and develop an invention that uses AI to solve a problem, and create a video to share your vision. Videos will be featured on Curiosity Machine and shared with families to encourage them to finish their own projects.

Time commitment: ~ 10 hours

You'll enjoy this opportunity if… you are someone who likes to tinker and solve complex problems, values developing new skills, and wants to inspire families by creating exciting content for them.

Ask the Expert

Connect with families and help provide feedback on their community projects!

As an Expert, you'll share your expertise with families, answer their questions, provide feedback on their ideas, and encourage them to keep building. You will interact with families virtually, either through webinars or recorded conversations with Iridescent staff and volunteers. We provide trainings on communicating technical ideas and providing motivational feedback to students.

Time commitment: ~ 2 hours

You'll enjoy this opportunity if… you enjoy interacting with families from diverse backgrounds, hope to impact participants through positive role modeling, and enjoy sharing experiences and troubleshooting in a virtual environment.

In Person: Mentor

*In-person volunteer opportunities are currently available in the San Francisco, Los Angeles, and El Paso areas. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.*

Engage and inspire families at Iridescent partner sites participating in the AI family Challenge. Work with families in-person and support them to develop a project that uses AI to solve a problem in their communities. Provide mentorship and encouragement to families as they work through the program curriculum.

Time commitment: 2 - 10 hours

You'll enjoy this opportunity if… you enjoy encouraging and working with families from diverse backgrounds, value creativity and learning new skills, and want to make an impact through direct in-person mentorship.