Welcome to the AI Family Challenge

We welcome leaders from around the world to join us!

Why join as a program site?

  • Bring an innovative AI family program to members of your community
  • Leaders can build their knowledge of AI with extra resources and access to live trainings
  • Have a direct line of contact to our support team
  • Join our global movement and interact with our community of coaches.

Season 2 begins in August 2019 and submissions are due February 2020.

What does a program site look like?

Program sites are different throughout the world. Generally, we seek locations that deliver programs outside of school to underserved families. Also, your location should have 1-5 passionate facilitators who are ready to lead.

Our full program is 20+ hours and directed by people like you. We know that's a big commitment so we're here to help!


30+ families at your location want to participate.

You're coaches are ready to spend ~60 hours learning about and leading this program throughout the season.

This is a great option for sites that would like to pilot the program, have a STEM group, or are single returning program sites.


Your organization has multiple locations and experience leading family programs.

You have a network of coaches ready to learn about AI and lead this program.

This is a great option for multi-site organizations who want to bring a family-focused program to their organization.

Friend of the Program

You are ready to lead our program, but it looks a little different from a club or chapter. Examples of our Friends can include:

  • Educators supporting kids who are excited to participate, but no guardians (children can complete the program but please remember that only Family Teams are eligible to submit for the AI World Championship!)
  • Leaders of small family or afterschool groups who are participating
  • Anyone who is excited to bring some of our program, but not all 20 hours, to participants

What’s stopping you from joining us today?

We are here to support you! Fill out this form to reserve your spot as a Season 2 program site.

If you need funding to participate, please note that mini grant opportunities will be published prior to the start date. Sites that have registered their interest to participate in Season 2 will be the first to know! While we cannot cover the total cost of supporting families at your sites, we will work together to build a plan that fits you.