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We're on a mission to empower children and their families to become leaders and innovators of the future. And because we want every child to have the opportunity to build the future, Curiosity Machine is 100% free.

Whether you want quality learning challenges to do at home or curriculum for a classroom of eager learners, Curiosity Machine is a perfect source of inspiration to fuel curiosity, creativity, and perseverance while learning about the science and technology that will drive the future.

How Curiosity Machine Works

1 Find Inspiration

The world is full of inspiration, you just have to know where to look. Each challenge begins by showing what cutting-edge scientists and engineers are working on, and how it's changing the world.

2 Bring your Idea to Life

Making something yourself isn't just fun—it's a great way to learn! Our challenges give enough instruction to help get started and endless freedom to take ideas wherever they lead.

3 Share and Reflect

We love seeing what children and families create, and so do other learners! We also believe it's very important to think about what was learned, and use it to fuel new ideas.

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Curiosity Machine has a profound impact on children

Our goal isn’t just to create the next generation of scientists and engineers, but to help students develop skills that will support them in any field. While Curiosity Machine exposes children to various STEM content areas, our curriculum has been shown to help children become less averse to challenges and be more curious.

Curiosity Machine Student Impact
Learning Gains for Children

In 2010, the National Science Foundation sponsored a five-year longitudinal study, Be A Scientist!, where undergraduate engineering students taught Curiosity Machine design challenges to underserved families. The results were overwhelmingly positive. Click here learn more about our research results!

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